The Club was formed in 2004 by a group of Fordson tractor enthusiasts.


The purpose of the Club is to provide an opportunity for enthusiasts and collectors of Fordson products to gather in the pursuance of common interest, regardless of whether or not a vehicle or any other product of this classic brand is owned by the member.

Aims and Objectives


Hold regular meetings and arrange activities to provide opportunities for fellowship, knowledge about Fordson tractors and assist in the development of the Club.


Assist other members in their endeavors to acquire Fordson memorabilia, written and otherwise.


To raise funds only to the extent to remain solvent. The Club is not a fund raising body for the purposes of profit.


To be non political and non sectarian.


To be highly professional and a worthwhile organisation in the community.

Member Profile

Because the Club is for all people who have a common interest in the Fordson tractor, members do not have to own a Fordson tractor. Some of our members have a large number of tractors, or just one tractor, some just collect models, some collect Fordson original brochures; others collect Fordson tools, whilst some members are just reliving some past [e.g. when a Fordson worked on a family or other farm]. Members reside throughout Australia.

Whilst the Club is primarily for people within Australia, overseas members are most welcome.

Organisation Management

The Club is incorporated in Victoria, Australia in accordance with a constitution.

A Board of Management is responsible for all formal administration matters. Club members elect this Board each year from their membership.

Affiliated Organisations

The Club is an affiliated member of the N.H.M.A.


Club activities include:


Club events are held twice yearly. Not surprisingly these are to admire a collection of tractors, particularly Fordsons.

Typically, one of these events is for one day, the other over a weekend including a dinner. The two day event includes the Clubs Annual General Meeting.

These events are modest in cost and have proven a great place for members to admire machines and memorabilia, talk all things Fordson [and other things!], learn from others experiences and enjoy some great fellowship amongst like minded historical enthusiasts.

There are many events arranged by other organizations to which members often attend.


Power on the Land is the Clubs Newsletter for members; produced 3 times a year. This title is steeped in history going back to 1949 when it was the name of the Ford Motor Companys Newspaper for the farming communities. The Ford Motor Company has kindly given us permission to use that name as well as the Wheatsheaf logo and the word Fordson.

Power on the Land includes articles on Club Events [both forthcoming and a report on the most recent outing], restoration stories and experiences, historical information, mechanical articles, a section for members to list their buy/swap/sell, copies of posters and other original material.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the Newsletter content.

Register of Tractors

The Register of Tractors contains details of members tractors and assists to maintain an important part of our tractor heritage.

Club Merchandise

The Club has available for purchase at a reasonable price, caps, windcheaters and other merchandise embroidered with the Club Wheatsheaf logo.

Pictorial history of the Club

The Club maintains a photo album of events and members tractors and other items


Insurance is available to Club members through the N.H.M.A. by application through the Club. This insurance is a pre-requisite for displaying a tractor at events which are open to the public. 

You can contact the Club:

President:  (Wayne)       Phone 0418824043

Vice President: Barry Milsom     Phone 0354395378 or 0418108901

Secretary:  (Dawn)       Phone 03 5439 5378  or 0418108901     

      Email: bmi34634@bigpond.net.au