Who can be a Member?

Membership is open:

  • To people who are a Fordson enthusiast or a collector of Fordson products.
  • To citizens of Australia and overseas.
  • To people irrespective of race, religion or political persuasion.
You do not have to own a tractor to be a member. You might collect tractors, models, brochures, tools or you might just be reliving the past of a Fordson that has a place somewhere in your history or heart.
How much does it cost to be a Member?
  • Joining Fee: $ 5.00. ( AU )
  • Annual Subscription:  $ 40.00 ( AU ) due 31st May.
  • NHMA insurance is available through the Club. Note, this is only required if you want to display your tractor at an event organized by this Club or another organisation.
How do I join?

Contact the Secretary or President for an Information Kit and Application Form. 


You can contact the Club:

President:  (Wayne)       Phone 0418824043

Vice President:     Phone

Secretary:  (Dawn)       Phone 03 5439 5378  or 0418108901


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